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Trust in what you love, do it often and it will take you where you need to be.

I have been a nurse for over 25 years and while I cherish the parts of nursing that allowed me to make a difference in a person’s life there are times I believe stress management could really continue the healing process better that traditional medicine.

In 2011 I became restless with my nursing position and looked for more holistic ways to help people. I trained in Reiki, learned meditation and breathing techniques and began Southworth Wellness. I stumbled upon Mandalas for healing and Salve Regina University’s Expressive Arts Institute. This is where I found my tribe. I continued my studies and achieved a graduate certificate in the Practical Applications for Expressive and Creative Arts. Still I struggled with combining my nursing background with expressive arts and play thinking it wasn’t professional enough and would I be losing my nursing credibility?

One night it came to me…”I bring people back to life with CPR, that’s Creativity, Play and Relaxation.”  


What You Repress your Body Will Express! Your body knows what it needs and will make you take notice when it needs to rest.


Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, muscle tightness, pain, headaches or stomach problems? Maybe it’s time to consider you are holding in life’s stressors and could use an art escape to connect, play, relax and heal. 


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  • Nursing degree - Holyoke Community College

  • Health and Wellness Promotion BS UMASS - Amherst

  • Salve Regina University, Expressive Arts Facilitator Training

  • Salve Regina University, CGS Practical Applications for Creative and Expressive arts

  • Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive University of Buffalo

Art is a way to run away from home without leaving home- Twyla Tharp

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